Thursday, 29 April 2010

Day 86 Theme Thursday

Todays Theme is experimental So I decided to have a crack at snapping drips of water. I managed to get a well placed drip and using manual setting focused on a pencil to start and then snapped away trying my flash on a number of setting and angles until I got the desired amount of light. Here is a couple of the best ones. although it wasn't till after I'd packed up to review my shots I found I wasnt quite focused on where I needed to be to get the crown effect. Next time I review my work more thoroughly before packing up .


  1. Great work! Thank you for photographing your set up as well. That helps in seeing how you did this.

  2. Great job! I tried something like this by dropping a strawberry into a glass of water. It turned out quite nice!

  3. is that a 400D? :)

    Nice work by the way.

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