Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Project 365 - Day 2

This is the granary wall at my brother in law's where he is doing a Barn refurbishment so expect to see a lot picture as the transformation takes place !


  1. Ive looked at this three times today, and I just didnt "get it" but then I kept coming back to it. And now I think I do get it, but it needs a tiny little bit of work.

    I think if you open as RAW in photoshop and push the blacks up, then add a highpass overlay of about 3 pixels, crop so the window is more on the rule of thirds line you'll have a great image.

    I might even do you a sample and email it.

  2. I like the desolate or abandoned feeling.

    Is that a broken window?

  3. Sure is Dijea, at some point some one has put a ball through it. I think that was what was floating in my mind was It reminded me of a negative version of the windows screen saver of the mediterranean wall, bright colours and this was the completely opposite. Dave I'll try out you thoughts tonight !